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Size 2x2
Tech Required Armory
Cost 15,000 Coins
Upkeep 1,000 Coins/Day
Hammer Cost 1,500
Hitpoints 700
Points 3000
Limit Per Town 1
Specials None


The barracks structure allows the production of Units and allows you to repair your gear. On the first floor of the barracks, there exists a small control panel made up of 4 signs. The signs titled "Next Unit" and "Prev Unit" cycle through the list of available units, the middle sign displays the unit name and it's cost, while the lower middle sign begins training the unit. The cost of the unit comes from the town's funds, and when finished a unit item is deposited into the chest next to the large table on the first floor. Because of the chest deposit, it would be wise to validate that the plot that contains this chest is both owned and restricted to a small group of trusted players. See Town_Permissions_and_Permission_Groups for more information.

The more hammers a town has, the faster the unit produces. Settler - 500 hammers Spy - 500 hammers

The indicator for building units is above the treasure chest on the ceiling as multiple signs on the wall as a progress bar.

Modifiers and Effects

HappinessNegates up to 3 Unhappiness Caused by War

Repairing Items

One of the useful functions provided by a barracks is the ability to repair your damaged gear. Since player XP is disabled, you'll have to use a barracks to repair your gear as the anvil will not work. To repair your gear find the "Repair Item" sign located on the barracks. To use it, select the item you want repaired and hit the sign. You will then be prompted with a message indicating the cost of the repair. If the cost is acceptable type 'yes' and the item will be repaired.

Repair cost is based solely on the Tier of the item, not how much damage is currently on it. So to save coins you may want to wait until an item is more damaged. Beware however, items that run out of durability will break and be lost forever. This is a big concern when using Soulbound items, since it's easy to forget they might break in the heat of battle.

Repair Cost = 2000.0^(ItemTierLevel^0.29)

Note: This formula isn't accurate. It only works for Tier 3...

12,888 Coins
218,864 Coins
334,639 Coins
486,889 Coins
Gear Repair Costs
Tier Cost per item
Tier 1 2000c
Tier 2 5330c
Tier 3 10,018c
Tier 4 16,120c
Tool Repair Costs
Tool Cost per item
Pickaxe 2000c
Axe 1000c
Shovel 500c
Hoe 500c


When the settler has finished crafting, it will appear as an iron door in the deposit chest. Your settler will need to take this iron door with him to the new location of the settlement. While the settlement does not need to be near your current one, there is an extremely heavy Upkeep burden if it is not. Once moved there, and after validating that this settler is not part of your current management structure, a new town can be created using /town new. You will then be prompted to type the name, then to type yes.

NOTE: If you want to create a new settlement far away from your civilization you will absolutely want to consider the distance based Happiness ramifications of this. For more information see Town Distance Unhappiness

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