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Beakers are the currency of scientific research in CivCraft. Each technology has a beaker cost which your civ will work towards fulfilling as you research the technology. Beakers are generated from structures, culture biomes, and by converting tax income. 100 beakers is worth 1 hour's worth of research. So for a technology with a beaker cost of 300 beakers, it would take 3 hours to research. To view progress on your current research us "/civ research progress".

It is important to note that in addition to the beaker of cost to research a new tech, there is also a coin cost associated with a certain level of tech. You must first acquire the required amount of coins to start the research, then wait for it to finish based on the beaker cost. For coin and beaker costs of technology and what they unlock, please see the Tech Tree.

Beakers From Culture Biomes

Cold Biomes such as Ice Mountains, Ice Plains, and Tagia biomes generate more beakers than most other biomes. Forests and Oceans are also good sources of beakers. Certain biomes' beaker rates can be enhanced by the Library. For more information about which culture biomes generate how many beakers see the Culture page.

Beakers From Structures

The Library will generate some beakers per hour for you, as well as enhance the beaker output on certain biomes. For specifics please visit the Library page.

Beakers From Income Taxes

You can also convert a portion of your income directly into beakers. To do this you must first collect an income tax from towns in your civ. Only income from passive sources such as Trade and Cottages are collected. Once you have some coins coming in from income tax, you can designate a percentage of them towards science using the "/civ set science" command. Each beaker will cost you 10 coins. Meaning 100 coins will give you about 10 beakers or "10 minutes" worth of research. Certain governments will only let you set a certain percentage to science, such as Theocracy will only let you set up to 50%.

Beakers From Trade Bonus Goods

One of the perks from Trade Goods, Innovation, will generate extra beakers.

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