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Build Commands

Command Parameters Description Access
/build Lists all of the current build commands and a description of each. Mayors, Assistants
/build progress Shows information about the structures your town is currently building. Shows number of completed blocks vs. number of total blocks for each structure. Mayors, Assistants
/build repairnearest Repairs the nearest structure. Requires confirmation. Mayors, Assistants
/build undo Stops construction, restores previous landscape, and refunds construction cost of currently building or most recently built structure. Only works for a limited time after completion. Great for repositioning a pending structure. Currently only allowed on roads and wall structures. Mayors, Assistants
/build demolishnearest Demolishes the nearest structure (no refund given!). Requires confirmation. Cannot be used on town hall. Mayors, Assistants
/build list Lists all available structures, cost, hammer amount, etc. Mayors, Assistants
/build demolish[location] Invoking without [location] parameter lists all buildings in your town, including a yellow section used as the parameter to select for demolishing. Re-invoking with the correct parameter demolishes the indicated structure (no refunds given!). Mayors, Assistants
/build validatenearest Validates that the nearest structure can be supported by the blocks underneath. Useful for preventing structures from getting damaged by not having the proper foundations/supports. Mayors, Assistants
/build[structurename] Builds the named structure at the location you are standing. If structure is a tile improvement, it will generally center on the chunk you occupy and be oriented so that the front (if any) is facing you. If structure is NOT a tile improvement, it will generally build such that the center of the front is roughly at your feet and the structure's body is away from you. Mayors, Assistants

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