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Resident Book!

When you first log in to CivCraft, each player is given a special "CivCraft Info" book. By selecting the book and right clicking an inventory will open with tutorial and help information for you to use. One of the most important tools is your Crafting Recipe Book. Inside is an in-game description of all of the new Materials added by the CivCraft mod. To open/use the book simple use your mouse to click on the books inside your inventory. When you click on a book it will open it displaying new options/items inside.

If you lost or dropped your book, you can always retrieve a new one for free by typing '/resident book'.

Crafting Recipe Categories

There are several major categories of recipes, divided into tiers.

  • Gear recipes represent wearable and usable gear in game. Click here to find out how to craft weapons and armor.
  • Materials recipes represent the materials you'll need to craft the higher tiers of gear.
  • Special recipes are recipes for new items which serve special purposes such as the item which lets you found a Camp and a Civilization.

To open a category, click on the book and it will open a new inventory displaying all of the items inside.

Item Recipes

To determine how to craft an item, mouse over one of the items in the inventory and it will display the requirements on it's lore. There are two types of recipes in Minecraft, shaped and shapeless.

Shaped Recipes

These recipes require particular materials in particular positions. On the lore you'll see each material assigned a letter, that letter corresponds with a position in the 3x3 crafting bench matrix. The matrix is also printed on the lore of the item.

Shapeless Recipes

These recipes only require a certain number of materials in order to craft. So the amounts and types only need to be printed. However there is one large gotcha in that if you have more than 1 material of the same type, it needs to be on a separate slot. This is so that you can 'stack craft' the recipe to make many copies of it quickly.

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