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In CivCraft diplomacy is key to the survival and success of towns and nations. Your city must be prepared to deal with barbarians, allies and enemies alike and by utilizing Civcraft's diplomacy you'll be able to enforce contracts agreed to by players. Diplomacy in CivCraft works through requests and declarations. Requests must be agreed to by all parties, while declarations only require one party to initiate. Diplomacy commands cannot be used during War.

Diplomatic Relation Types

Each Civilization has a relationship with every other civilization in the game. By default, this relationship is neutral. Using diplomacy you can set your relationship to other civilizations using either the "/civ dip declare" or "/civ dip request" commands.

NeutralThis is the default relationship between civilizations. In this relationship, nothing particularly special happens. PvP while in each civilization's towns is turned off, structures cannot be damaged in WarTime, and defense structures will not fire upon residents of a neutral civilization.
Hostile This relationship can be declared by either party. Once declared these civilizations must request to change the relationship back to Neutral, Peace, or Ally. While hostile, PvP in each others towns is enabled, and defensive structures will fire upon residents of the hostile civilization. Structures can not be damaged in WarTime however.
WarThis relationship can be declared by either party. Once declared the parties must either request to change the relationship back to Neutral, Peace, or Ally. Alternatively, one of the Civilizations may also surrender or may be conquered in war. When a civilization conquers or surrenders the relationship changes to that of Master/Vassal. In this relationship, PvP is enabled in each others towns, defensive structures will fire upon residents, structures can be damaged during war time, and blocks can be placed and destroyed in each other's towns during WarTime (These blocks will be regenerated after WarTime ends, see War for more info).
Peace Shows the user tag as teal. Used to differentiate people between Neutral and who not to attack.
Ally Shows the user tag as green, similar to other civilization members. Allows you to respond to a war declaration against an ally up until 24 hours before war time.

Using Diplomacy

Listing Current Relationships

To list the current relationships your Civilization has, use the "/civ dip show" command. Any relationships not shown on the list means you have a neutral relationship with that civ. To show the diplomatic relations of another civilization use "/civ dip show [civ]". To see all of the diplomatic relations in the server at once, use "/civ dip global"

Declaring Hostile/War/Indepedence

Declaring any of these relationships does not require approval from the target civilization and is enacted immediately. Use the following command to declare: "/civ dip declare [civ] [hostile|war|independence]"

Certain restrictions apply to when you can declare war and when you can declare independence.

Requesting Neutral/Peace/Ally

These relationships require a response from the target civilization, use the following command to request: "/civ dip request [civ] [neutral|peace|ally]" Vassals cannot make requests.

Responding to a Request

If you're a leader or an adviser and you are online when the request is made, you will see a message notifying you of your options. Use the "/civ dip respond [yes|no]" command to respond to the message with "yes" or "no". Only one message may be pending at a time. Additionally the message will time out after 30 seconds which defaults to a "no" response.

Liberating Towns and Civilizations

The following command will liberate either a single town, or an entire civilization if the town specified is the former civilization's capital. This command will not work on a non-capital town if the parent civilization is currently conquered.

 /civ dip liberate <town>

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