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The fishing boat is the sea equivalent of the Trade Outpost. In corollary to the trade outpost, fishing boats must be built on top of water trade goods, and will take up the entire chunk. One major difference between a trade outpost and a fishing boat is that fishing boats require the Ship Yard structure to have been constructed for the town.

Placement Considerations

Like all Tile Improvements fishing boats can be built anywhere inside your town's culture borders. If they are built outside the borders of your town, then they can be griefed by anyone and/or used as shelter as they are not protected. The structure should still function unless destroyed during war

Biome Bonus

The Fishing Boat has been modified around increasing the productiveness of coastal cities. The Fishing Boat produces hammers along with the Lighthouse, Ship Yard, and Trade Ship depending upon the biomes within the civilization.

Modifiers and Effects

Size 1x1
Tech Required Trade
Cost 25,000 Coins
Upkeep 500 Coins/Day
Hammer Cost 2,000
Hitpoints 500
Points 3000
Limit Per Town None
Specials Tile Improvement
  • Can be built outside of town, but inside culture
  • Takes up 1 Tile Improvement Slot from the town
  • Can only be built on water trade goods
  • Requires a Ship Yard to build.
This structure ignores Reinforcement Requirements
File:Work boat.png
A Fishing Boat
Hammers0.05 Hammers for every Ocean, River, and Beach Biome in this town's culture

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