Founding A Civilization

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This tutorial will explain how to found a Civilization. It is required that you first start with founding a Camp. If you haven't yet, please read the Getting Started tutorial before trying to found a civilization. You cannot found a Civilization if you are a member of a camp so you will have to disband the camp or leave it if you are not the owner.

Gathering The Materials

In order get a civilization, you must gather a whole bunch of materials and craft a "National Flag" item. The item looks like a blaze rod and can be found in your Crafting Recipe Book under the "Special" category.

The National Flag requires the following materials:

Royal Crown1Special
Masonry Mortar3Tier 3
Compacted Stone5Tier 3

National Flag Pattern

 SCS   C=Royal Crown
 SSS   S=Compacted Stone
 MMM   M=Masonry Mortar

Royal Crown

Jewelry Grade GoldGridGoldenApple.pngShapeless
9 Gold Blocks
Decorative JewelsGridWart.pngShapeless
2 Diamond Blocks
Badge of LeadershipShapeless
9 Token of Leadership
Proof of LeadershipShapeless
4 Badge of Leadership
Royal CrownGoldhelmet.pngShapeless
Proof of Leadership
3 Jewelry Grade Gold
2 Decorative Jewels

Masonry Mortar

Sticky ResinGrid Mushroom Stew.pngShapeless

2 Refined Slime
1 Refined Sugar
1 Bowl
Clay MoldingGrid Brick (Block).pngShapeless
3 Forged Clay
2 Crafted Reeds
3 Crafted Sticks
Masonry MortarGrid Brick (Block).pngShapeless
2 Clay Molding
2 Sticky Resin

Compacted Stone

Refined StoneStone.pngRefinedStone.png
9 Cobble Stone
Crushed StoneGridStoneSlab.pngShapeless
9 Refined Stone
Compacted StoneStoneBrick.pngShapeless
9 Crushed Stone

In terms of Vanilla Minecraft Items, this equivocates to:

Token of Leadership36

Surveying The Land

Not all locations are created equal. The Biomes surrounding your new capitol town are going to affect your Hammers, Beakers, Growth, and Happiness. To determine what your current location is likely to give you, use the '/town survey' command.

For more information on which Biomes generate which attributes please read the Culture page.

Founding A Civilization

Once you've found a place to settle, grab the National Flag item in your hand and right click it. Once you right click it, a '/town survey' command will be performed showing you the statistics your new capitol is likely to have. Next, it asks you for your Civilization's name, then your Capitol's name. Be sure and pay close attention to the spelling and order, there is no option to rename your Civilization or Capitol unless you buy a Civ/town name change token with platnium.

Note, if you get a warning about your location needing to be more than 80% valid, this means that the location you're attempting to build your Capitol on doesn't have enough supporting blocks underneath it, and you'll need to either fill in that layer or find another location. For more details please read the page on structure Placement and Reinforcement

Finally, you'll be prompted to say 'yes' to confirm the location, civilization name and capitol name. If all goes well you'll begin constructing the massive Capitol structure. Congrats! you've founded a Civilization!

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