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Size 2x2
Tech Required Commerce
Cost 10,000 Coins
Upkeep 1,250 Coins/Day
Hammer Cost 2,600
Hitpoints 200
Points 3,500
Limit Per Town 1
Specials None



The Market is used to trade items between civilizations in a virtual item store. The item prices are linked across the entire server and change depending on supply and demand. The global market is one of the best ways to earn coins in the game early on, as it allows residents to sell the excess materials they've gathered and also buy the materials they are missing for constructing Camps and Civilizations.

How It Works

The market works like a stock market. One can sell items to the virtual "item storage" of all of the items in the market. The more someone sells, the cheaper it becomes. This makes it easy to obtain common materials needed to craft higher tier items. Additionally, it allows you to sell off your excess materials produced from farms and pastures. Since these items are in demand by players to craft higher tier items, you can attempt to make a living off of farming and ranching, rather than just mining. Sugar cane farms are frequently used as a quick way to get some money by members of a civilization. While it sells most of the time for only 1 coin per sugarcane, it is faster to farm than carrots, potatoes or any even nether wart, mainly because you don't have to re-plant when you finish. One full inventory grants 2304 coins, a large amount for a new user.


The price listed for an item can be one of three colors: black, green, or red. Black represents a stable price. Green prices have recently increased, due to higher demand. Financially, it is better to sell green items. Red prices have recently decreased, due to higher supply. It is better to buy red items.

Items In The Market List

  • Some of the Tier 0 Materials Including : Feathers,String,NetherWart,Bones,Coal,Cobblestone,Clay
  • Some of the Tier 1 Materials Including : TungstenOre,ChromiumOre,CraftedReeds
  • List of Non-crafting items items (As of this date) : Oaklogs,Junglelogs,Sprucelogs,Birchlogs,Cobblestone,Flint
  • Food stuffs: Raw: Porkchop,Chicken,Beef,and Fish. Grown Food: Bread,Carrots,Potato,Melon,and Pumkin

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