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Size 1x1
Tech Required Productivity
Cost 25,000 Coins
Upkeep 1,500 Coins/Day
Hammer Cost 900
Hitpoints 300
Points 6200
Limit Per Town None
Specials Tile Improvement
  • Can be built outside of town, but inside culture
  • Takes up 1 Tile Improvement Slot from the town



The Mine is a structure that allows you to increase the number of Hammers your town generates. Each Mine generates a certain amount of hammers and can be 'leveled up' to generate more. To level up a mine you must feed it redstone. A Mine is a tile improvement that takes up an entire plot within your town's culture borders.

Leveling Mines

Mines can be leveled up by feeding it redstone. Each level you achieve with your mine further increases the bonus this mine gives to its town's hammer rate and the amount of redstone it will consume.

Mine Levels & Consumption Rate

level Redstone consumption per hour Hammer rate per hour XP (Hours) before level up
1 10 150 24(1days)
2 15 200 48(2days)
3 20 275 96(4days)
4 25 350 120(5days)
5 30 400 144(6days)

Placement Considerations

Like all Tile Improvements Mines can be built anywhere inside your town's culture borders. If they are built outside the borders of your town, then they can be griefed by anyone as they are not protected. The structure should still function unless destroyed during war.

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