Mob Grinder

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Size 1x1
Tech Required Adv. Hunting
Cost 10,000 Coins
Upkeep 1,500 Coins/Day
Hammer Cost 7,500
Hitpoints 200
Points 3000
Limit Per Town 1
Specials None
A Mob Grinder

Structure Mob Grinder

The Mob Grinder is a unique structure that compliments mob farming by allowing fighters to craft Mob Eggs and place them into the Mob Grinder to extract crystals and other items. There are a total of four tiers of Mob eggs that the Mob Grinder will accept at this time. Only crafted Mob Eggs will work in the Mob Grinder.

The Mob Grinder consumes the mob eggs and in return has a small chance of generating crystal fragments and crystals, as well as other items. It is important that the Mob Grinder's storage chest is emptied often or it will not function.

How does the Mob Grinder work

The Mob Grinder is very simple to operate, simply select the stack of Mob Eggs you wish to deposit it into the input chest. The mob eggs will then start processing and generating items every 20 seconds.

Farming Chances

There are four tiers of Mob Eggs that can be placed into the trommel. They all use this same chance tier system, but the items that can be farmed for each tier and each type are different.

Item Tier Chance
Fragments 100%
T1 50%
T2 10%
T3 5%
T4 1%
Pack 0.5%
Big Pack 0.1%
Huge Pack 0.05%

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