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Size 2x2
Tech Required Global Trade
Cost 5,000 Coins
Upkeep 750 Coins/Day
Hammer Cost 1,200
Hitpoints 300
Points 750
Limit Per Town 1
Specials None



Want to ride on horses and trek the great wilderness of civcraft? The stables structure is the only way to obtain horses or mules in CivCraft. A "Horses" trade resource is required to make horses, however, you can still buy mules even without the "Horses" trade resource. In addition to horses, the stable provides a static buff to hammers.

Modifiers and Effects

HammersGenerates 50 Hammers.


The preview bedrock layer represents a dirt layer under the dirt/cobblestone base layer. Compared to most buildings, the preview bedrock layer should be 2 blocks lower (1 block below ground level).

Horses and Mule

All Stable Horses take 50% less damage from all sources

Name Speed Jump Hitpoints Color Cost Tech Required
Mule -0.1 0.8 20 Brown 2,500
Horse 0.0 (Unchanged) 0.8 20 Brown 5,000
Trusty Steed 0.05 0.8 30 Black 10,000
Thoroughbred 0.08 0.8 45 White 50,000
War Horse 0.1 1.0 53 White 100,000 Military Science


Name Cost
Saddle 3,000
Iron Horse Armor 20,000
Gold Horse Armor 50,000
Diamond Horse Armor 50,000
Name Tag (NOTE: Useless because of disabled XP.) 10,000

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