Tesla Tower

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Size 1x1
Tech Required Electricity
Cost 350,000 Coins
Upkeep 4,500 Coins/Day
Hammer Cost 7,500
Hitpoints 1000
Points 20000
Limit Per Town 1
Specials Can be placed outside of town. Must be placed in culture
A Tesla Tower in action


The Tesla Tower is an advanced structure that strikes attackers with lightning.

  • Range: 150 Blocks
  • Rate of Fire: 1 strike per every three seconds
  • Damage Dealt: 8

Advantages of the Tesla Tower

  • Does moderate amounts of damage to players.
  • Targets players exposed to the Sky
  • Does not require line of sight

Disadvantages of the Tesla Tower

  • Slow
  • Does Friendly Fire Damage
  • Only targets one player at a time.
  • Cannot do damage through blocks, making tunnels effective against it.

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