The Great Library

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Size 4x4
Tech Required The Great Library (Technology)
Cost 500,000 Coins
Upkeep None
Hammer Cost 448,000
Hitpoints 5000
Regen Rate 6HP Per Second
Points 220,000
Specials World Wonder
  • Can only be completed by one town at a time.
  • Cannot be sabotaged by a spy once completed
File:Great Library.png
The Great Library


Allows members of the Civ that owns it to purchase 4 exclusive enchantments:

  • Fire Aspect II
  • Fire Protection IV
  • Flame I
  • Punchout - (50% chance to do 2x damage to structure blocks)


  • Offers unique enchantments only available to Civilization members
  • Provides +10% beaker buff to the town that owns it
  • Doubles the effectiveness of taxes spent on beakers

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