Trade Ship

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Size 1x2Plot
Tech Required Exploration
Cost 50,000 Coins
Upkeep 500 Coins/Day
Hammer Cost 2000
Hitpoints 500
Points 3000
Limit Per Town 1
Specials Tile Improvement
  • Takes up 1 Tile Improvement Slot from the town
  • Requires a Ship Yard to build.
A Trade Ship by another


The Trade Ship is a tile improvement that provides a unique way to generates coins and culture. The Trade Ship consumes trade-able items that are stored in the cargo hold, and in return provides profits of coins and culture every hour as well as a chance to generate items. If the Trade Ship runs out of Cargo to ship, it will not decrease its current level and it will not generate coins, so it's important to keep the cargo hold stocked at all times.

Biome Bonus

The Trade Ship has been designed around increasing the productiveness of coastal cities. The Trade Ship produces hammers along with the Lighthouse, Ship Yard, and Fishing Boat depending upon the biomes within the civilization.

Modifiers and Effects

Hammers2.0 Hammer for every Ocean, River, and Beach Biome in this town's culture
Happiness2.0 added upon completion

Trade Ship Upgrade Bonuses

Level Cost Required Tech Bonus Culture per item Bonus Stacks Active Incoming Chests
1 FREE 0.0 per item 0 stacks 1
2 50,000 Commerce +0.2 per item 2 stack 2
3 100,000 Global Trade +0.4 per item 4 stacks 3
4 250,000 Nationalism +0.6 per item 6 stacks 4
5 500,000 Innovation +0.8 per item 8 stacks 4
6 1,000,000 Scientific Method +1.0 per item 10 stacks 4

How does it work?

The Trade Ship produces coins by shipping items from its cargo hold (Outgoing chests) every hour. If any trade-able items are in the cargo hold, the Trade Ship will gain 1 point towards its next level. Unlike a Cottage, the Trade Ship does not lose points if the cargo hold is empty. Once the Trade Ship has the required Cargo Delivered(cargo/hours) it will level up. Upon leveling up, the Trade Ship will increase its culture output and add additional chests depending on its level.

In addition to leveling up upon delivering the require amount of cargo, the Trade Ship culture output and incoming chests can be increased with Town Upgrades.

Trade Ship Consumption Rates

Level Max stacks per hour Culture per item Items Traded to next level Active Outgoing Chests
1 2 stacks 0.1 culture 1024 (8 hours) 1
2 2 stacks 0.2 culture 2048 (16 hours) 1
3 4 stacks 0.3 culture 4096 (16 hours) 2
4 4 stacks 0.4 culture 8192 (32 hours) 2
5 6 stacks 0.5 culture 12288 (32 hours) 3
6 6 stacks 0.6 per item 24576 (64 hours) 3
7 8 stacks 0.7 per item 32768 (64 hours) 4
8 8 stacks 0.8 per item 65536 (128 hours) 4
9 10 stacks 0.9 per item 81920 (128 hours) 5
10 10 stacks 1.0 per item 163840 (256 hours) 5

Placement Considerations

Like all Tile Improvements, Trade Ships can be built anywhere inside your town's culture borders. Trade Ships must be built in water based biomes. If they are not built on a protected town plots, they can be utilized by anyone as a place to live, and can be griefed. They will still function unless destroyed during war.

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