Vanilla Minecraft vs. Civcraft

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What is different from Vanilla Minecraft?

Civcraft combines Minecraft features with aspects from Sid Meyer's Civilization. Some basic Minecraft features have been removed from the game to better suit the Civilization aspect of Civcraft, while other features have been added.

Vanilla features that have been removed:

  • Mob spawners have been disabled
  • Vanilla enchants and enchantment tables are disabled
  • XP is disabled
  • The End and The Nether have been removed
  • Diamond weaponry and armor have been disabled
  • Gold weaponry and armor have been disabled
  • Animals can no longer be bred in the wilderness(can only occur on Pasture structures)
  • Horses can only be bought via the Stables structure
  • Lava and water no longer spawns cobblestone to prevent cobble generators. Instead, they generate Netherrack when combined.
  • Hoppers no longer can be crafted with the vanilla recipe.

Features that have been added:

  • Protected plots(chunks) and plot permissions
  • Lore Items: See Materials page
  • Steel armor and weaponry
  • Carbon Steel armor and weaponry
  • Tungsten armor and weaponry
  • Items from The End and The Nether are available via the Store and Market strucures
  • Specific item enchantments are available via the Library, Great Library, and Blacksmith structures

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